✌ Hello! I am Carlos de Toro.

☞ I'm a graphic and type designer from Logroño (Spain) currently taking on projects studying Type and Media (17/18) at KABK (The Hague, Netherlands). Previously I studied Graphic Design at ESDIR (Logroño) and Advanced Typography Master at EINA (Barcelona).

I have experience as graphic, editorial and type designer but also as art director for different companies and studios. You can view some of my previous work on Behance, news on Facebook, know a bit more about where I come from and my career here (old site) or on LinkedIn, download my first font (Born, 2013) here, follow me on Twitter, see my adventures on Instagram, buy my last font Recia published by The Indian Type Foundry, visit my web collection GlyphsExtensions and email me at hello@carlosdetoro.com if you want to talk.

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