It’s story

Born is more than a typeface, it’s also a story; The one of my 2013. A story about moving to the big city, the result of meet great people from all parts of the world and their cultures too, the result of talks in classes, bars and trains… the result of sharing moments, experiences, knowledges… Born is the result of all these experiences and people: and now I’m sharing with you this piece of my story.

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Born is a humanist typeface that is based on traditional calligraphic forms, but with some new features in its endings, strokes and drops, that provide a more open, fresh and actual look. It also has a big X height, so it offers a high legibility even at small sizes.


Born typeface, born in Barcelona city at early 2013, bears the name of one of the most pinturesque Barcelona districts, on the shores of the Mediterranean takes together the old and the traditional, and also the multicutural stuff and new trends, blending these in its narrow and winding streets, creating a symbiosis between tradition and modernity. This is a Mediterranean type, which it’s open to new times.


Regular Born includes a total of 262 glyphs: Uppercase, Lower case, Alternative glyhps of the above ones, normal Ligatures, Uppercase numerals and symbols and punctuation marks.


You can download this typeface totally free, so I ask you to do it using the following button (Pay with a Tweet), it’ll publish a tweet or a Facebook update, so the typography can reach more people. Also if you think that Born has been useful for you, or if you love it, it’s also possible to make a donation via Paypal as acknowledgment, this will help me to continue creating new typefaces in the future. Moreover, I’ll be more than pleased to receive any suggestion (It’s possible to fix things for future versions), questions or even some works using Born. You can contact with me via email or in twitter @carlos_detoro


You can:

  • Use this typography in your personal works
  • Use this typography in commercial works
  • Share this typography

You can’t:

  • Redistribute this typography by other way or different websites (except if you have the author’s permission)
  • Modify this typeface and its dissemination

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